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Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC)


Amplatzer Cardiac Plug


EWOLUTION: 3-months outcome of Left Atrial Appendage Closure with the WATCHMAN device in Europe

      -Outcomes at 3 Months by Dr. M. W. Bergmann (PCR 2016)

PREVAIL: Randomized Trial of LAA Closure vs Warfarin for Stroke/ Thromboembolic Prevention in Patients with Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation

      -Outcomes at 18 Months by Dr. D. Holmes (ACC 2013)

PROTECT-AF: Percutaneous Closure of the Left Atrial Appendage versus Warfarin Therapy for Prevention of Stroke in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: A Randomized Non-Inferiority Trial

      -Outcomes at Five Years by Dr. S. Kar (TCT 2014)

      -Outcomes at Three Years by Dr. D. Holmes (2009)


      -Watchman II: PROTECT AF/PREVAIL: Meta-Analysis and Implications by Dr. D. Holmes (TCT 2014)

      -Watchman I: First Report of the 5-Year PROTECT-AF and Extended PREVAIL Results by Dr. V. Reddy (TCT 2014)

Cedar-Sinai Single-Center Experience

      -Overview by Dr. S. Kar (ACC 2011)

Cost-Benefit Analysis: LAAC versus Warfarin

      -Cost Analysis of Bleed Complications from Two Stroke Prevention Strategies in Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation by Dr. M. Price (TCT 2015)

      -Cost Benefit Analysis of Left Atrial Appendage Closure Versus Warfarin for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation by Dr. V. Reddy (TCT 2013)

 Amplatzer Cardiac Plug

Radiofrequency and Stents and Transseptal Techniques to Create an ASD

      -Slides by Dr. J. Cheatham (2010)

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